Intercultural Skills, Media Projects


Planning and leading workshops and seminars has been a major part of my work for 30 years, both in International Relations as well as in the tutoring and teaching of students.

International negotiations can only be successful with professional and intercultural preparation, bringing across our strategy and goals and listen to and communicate skillfully with our partners, which means being interculturally competent. Intercultural competence means you are aware of your own cultural mind set and values and respect your partner´s values and mind set. To give students and graduates the skills to develop this awareness and the necessary strategies for coping with ambiguous situations is the main goal of my workshops and seminars today.

Coaching students for international projects and semesters abroad has always been a major interest in my work at the university. More than 150 students have gone abroad because of my coaching activities and seminars. And I am still in touch with many of them, working with them or just following their career paths.